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Tue Nov 17 12:58:03 EST 1998

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 > The Rant was Sniped.  But I did read it and agree with the seeming
 > futility of the matter.  All in  all Spam does sux rocks.  What I did not
 > tell you is how I successfully avoid spam.  I am a grad student at the
 > university of Pittsburgh and am very lucky to have a very good CIS dept. 
 > Anyway, I have several machines that I can use as a mail server (VMS,UNIX,
 > and a POP).  My VMS account is the one I use for work (ie talking to other
 > scientist and what not).  The unix account is what is published.  I have
 > written a macro that deletes ALL mail that does not come from a usenet
 > posts that I made. 

That's nice but it would not work for everyone. I and most of the folks I
know with one university appointment have one professional email account
which is published and used for communications with the rest of the world
(return email jobs, usenet feedback, requests for the strains and reagents
etc.). So I can't even limit my email filter to the "edu" addresses - I
won't get anything from EMBL, for example (where my PHD predictions are
done). That's why it is sooo annoying...


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