Fluorescent DDRT- PCR

KwangChul Oh ohk at ucs.orst.edu
Wed Nov 18 02:48:07 EST 1998


I am currently doing differential display RT - PCR with fluorescent-labeled
dT primer (Hex-labeled at the 5'end of anchored primer). PCR worked well
according to silver staining but scanning with a fluoroimager  (FMBIO II,
Hitachi) did not produce a good image profile.
Probably, noise from the sequencing plate may be a problem, because I did
not use the low fluorescence glass as recommended by manufacturer, or
setting for scanning may be, too.
I would appreciate if one of you could help me to set the condition for the
Has anybody experienced on that?

Thank you so much


KwangChul Oh

Oregon State University
Botany and Plant Pathology
Cordley Hall 2082
Corvallis, OR 97331-2902

ohk at bcc.orst.edu

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