Stop e-mail sales!!!!

Tue Nov 17 17:34:25 EST 1998

In article <72poqc$69e3 at>,
  zje8 at (John R. McQuiston) wrote:
> I am getting sick of getting follow up e-mails from companies pushing their
> products (2 from Sigma lately) after I post a note about a competitors
>  This is supposed to be a forum for scientists to exchange ideas not for sales
> rep.'s to try to sell you stuff.  Especially WHEN I"M NOT THE ONE ASKING FOR
> HELP !!!!!

Being affiliated with a company does make me think hard about how my posts
are perceived on this group. I try hard not to sell Ambion products. If I do
have an answer to someones problem that specifically involves an Ambion
product I will probably e-mail, unless it's a topic that's generated a lot of

Perhaps the reason I haven't pissed anyone off (yet) is that 1) I am a R&D
Scientist with 9 years post-doctoral experience, not a sales rep with a BS and
2) If I don't have something helpful to add, I usually shut up :-)

Why haven't I gotten any of those helpful e-mails from reps?

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