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Tue Nov 17 21:40:55 EST 1998

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> I'm one of those of those sales people who have posted protocols of our new
> products to the group and caught some heat for doing it.
> I won't do it again because it's just not worth upsetting the people who
> don't want it.  Even if the majority of people can just ignore it and move
> on.

If you are refering to your "spotting protocol" and your
"mutation detection protocol" I think the problem was
just the shear size of the posts.  In those cases pointers
to web pages with the protocols would probably have been
sufficient.  Regarding the "catching heat", this must have
been off-group as all I remember was a (polite) reminder
that commercial posts are not appropriate here.
     I don't know how many people read this group through
e-mail (I have the impression that it is quite a large
number) but this definitely changes your attitude towards
large (unrequested) posts and spam.  While it is quite easy
to filter the posts by scanning the subjects in a newsreader
dealing with the volume by e-mail requires more effort.

> Regarding the internet2....spammers/hackers will break into that too.

I guess so (sigh).  Maybe the structure of usenet will have
changed by then.
Bernard P. Murray, PhD
Dept. Cell. Mol. Pharmacol., UCSF, San Francisco, USA

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