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A great post with a number of very well taking points, especially the ones
RE relative futility and increasing cost of spam-recieving and
spam-protection for you and your organization. I just wanted to add that
the abuse by commercial structures of the internet as it is now was one of
the reasons people are talking about (and apparently building) the
internet-2, a kinda ivory tower for academia shielded from the your common
peddler and other non-affiliated netters. Imagine the cost of that when you
consider how harmless and tree-saving email spamming is... You know, it's
simply unfair. If I post something on and then get a load of
creationist hate-mail, I at least know that it's because I'm getting
through to someone, whereas email spam is like an athlete's foot - everyone
gets it simply because of someone's lapses in personal (in this case
ethical) hygiene... 


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