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Dr. Duncan Clark Duncan at
Tue Nov 17 06:01:39 EST 1998

In article <72poqc$69e3 at>, John R. McQuiston <zje8 at>
>If you have a good product you should post a note about it and let everyone see 
>it instead of e-mailing me directly.  

No!!! This is what shouldn't happen! I believe the charter of the bionet
newsgroups does not allow that kind of blatant advertising. The only
reason for a company to post about their product is in answering a
specific post about that product. If all the commercial companies
started to put posts up about their new wonder product this newsgroup
would be overwhelmed with junk. Sure some spam gets through but it could
be a lot, lot worse.

There are a few company people who inhabit this newsgroup that do a
stirling job replying to posts without pushing their companies product
lines. Eric from Ambion springs to mind here.

If you are constantly getting advertising emails from Sigma or whoever
then the best bet is to use email/news software that allows killfiles.

The problem with being on the cutting edge is that you occasionally get 
sliced from time to time....

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