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Tue Nov 17 08:43:51 EST 1998

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> In article <72poqc$69e3 at>, zje8 at (John R. McQuiston) wrote:
> > I am getting sick of getting follow up e-mails from companies pushing their 
> > products (2 from Sigma lately) after I post a note about a competitors
> product. 
> >  This is supposed to be a forum for scientists to exchange ideas not for
> sales 
> > rep.'s to try to sell you stuff.  Especially WHEN I"M NOT THE ONE
> > HELP !!!!! 
> > 
> > If you have a good product you should post a note about it and let
> everyone see 
> > it instead of e-mailing me directly.  
> > I welcome anyone who wants to e-mail when I am requesting help or have a
> point 
> > they want to make.  This is one of the best newsgroups for actually
> keeping on 
> > the subject and I hope it stays that way for years to come. 
> > 
> > 
> Second that. But even more annoying I find those misguided spammers that
> often use this board to peddle all sortsa irrelevant stuff like temps
> services, broker firms, X-rated sites (well, it could be relevant but way
> too expensive for a postdoc <G>), email advertisement etc. It looks like
> these information parasites can not even sort out an email list based on
> the Usenet board title. I won't be surprised if these dudes would try to
> sell Mein Kampf on soc.culture.jewish with a disclaimer like this "if you
> do not wish to receive further email messages about wonderfull and exciting
> opportunities involving Neo-Nazism and tiny classified ads send an email
> with the words "BYTE ME" in the subject lane to the address below"...

Well, I have to agree that spam stinks but you have to remember that this
is just some guy trying to hock his wares.  If you want to stop recieving
spam then you must do three things. 1) do not post under your "proper"
address.  By this I mean that you should throw in some extra letters like
".DELETE.THIS." in your reply to address.  Many Spam lists get put
together by the mining of addresses from usenet posts. 2) Be stingy with
the doling out of your email address when at corporate sites.  Although
your "magic cookie" can be used to track you thru thier site, you still
have to give them an email address because that is not extractable by the
corporate servers. 3) If you are using Eudora or a like program, learn to
use the filters.
Just as a comparison, think about all the crap you recieve in the snail
mail and in the case of the mail, they have to cut trees down and those
glossy pictures require the paper to be heavily proccessed which is really
bad for rivers (ie Pigeon Ford tenn.)  So in many respects it is better to
get spam email than spam snail mail.

Peter Pediaditakis

"don't you eat that yellow snow
       Watch out where the huskies go"  

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