Gel shift extracts (was "none")

Sergey V. Orlov Serge at
Fri Nov 20 05:34:17 EST 1998

 bimaty at TECHUNIX.TECHNION.AC.IL (Maty Tzukerman) wrote:

> When asking colleagues in the lab about
> gel shifts from tissues they were very pessimistic as
> none of the protocols for extraction from cultured cells
> seems to work for tissue.

I have several protocols working for tissues. But all ones require
fresh samples, because they include the nuclei isolation. The
nuclear envelopes have been broken after freezing samples, so, it's
impossible to isolate the nuclear proteins. However, I suppose, you
can still obtain the whole extracts from frozen tissues, and, if
your proteins of interest are not incactivated after freeziing, use
them for gel-retardation experiments.
Best wishes, Serge.

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