Retroviral vector and GFP

TJ Murphy tmurphy at
Sat Nov 21 12:31:44 EST 1998

Sounds suspiciously like the CMV promoter is suppressed.   This has been
known about bicistronic retroviral vectors for some time (1).   Our
experience is consistent with this (2).  We can get at the very best
some 30-40% of the target cells expressing something from the CMV
promoter (or other promoters) within the LNCX platform, even though the
vector is integrated and stable in 100% of the cells in the cultures
(assessed by resistance to G418).

1. Emerman, M., and H. M. Temin. Genes with promoters in retrovirus
vectors can be independently suppressed by an epigenetic mechanism. Cell
39: 459-467, 1984.

2. Wang, X., and T. J. Murphy. Inhibition of cyclic AMP-dependent kinase
by expression of a protein kinase inhibitor/enhanced green fluorescent
fusion protein attenuates angiotensin II-induced type 1 AT1 receptor
mRNA down-regulation in vascular smooth muscle cells. Mol Pharmacol 54:
514-24, 1998.
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