Gautam V. S. gautam at MCBL.IISC.ERNET.IN
Sun Nov 22 17:13:15 EST 1998

Hello Netters !!

I was wondering if anyone out there can help with a method.

I know vaguely about a method where we can plate human cells
onto an agar plate and see if they grow into colonies or not, and
these correspond in turn to the viability of the cells from the total
number of cells plated.

What I don't know is, how to prepare these agar plates, its
composition, etc etc..... If anyone can give me how exactly to go
about doing this method, I shall be very thankful. OR if they can
give me the journal details from where I can get this method it
will much more helpful.

Thanking all those who can help, in advance.


gautam at

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