A problem about the nucleotide sequence format conversion.

Jian Li lijian at LIFE.SDU.EDU.CN
Sun Nov 22 09:01:43 EST 1998

Dear netters:

I have got a software on moleclar biology. It needs the sequences in the EMBL-format. I have got all the 
sequences I need from Genbank, but I don't know how to converse them into EMBL-format. Are there some 
free softwares for this purpose? If not, how could I do?

Also I have got the USERMannual of EMBL by email, but I could not find the methods to get all the sequences 
keywords. I only know I could get a certain sequence. Could you tell me where I could get help (I could not 
find the proper email for help on the Mannual.)or how I could do it? 

Thanks in advance for your time and kindness! The sooner, the better.


Sincerely yours,

Jian Li

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