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: Hi all!
: I want to isolate one fragment to cloning.....the problem is the 
: separation of  one fragment about 2.4 kb from another one about 2.9 kb 
: in an agarose gel. The difference beetwen both after running is so short 
: making difficult the isolation by gel cutting.
: What can I do for separate more the fragments?

Run 0.6-0.8% gel until bromphenol blue runs off it.
If you still feel that they are too close for comfort, instead of cutting
the pieces of gel out insert DE-81 paper in front and behind the band of
interest and continue running untill the band is all transferred to the
front piece of DE-81 (the other one prevents contamination with larger
fragments). DNA then can be eluted from DE-81 in high salt buffer.


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