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: I know about the semi dry system for protein-transfer, but I don't know how
: can I do it with DNA. I need to know the volts, amp, time and the buffers
: that I must use. Thanks.

Would you please calm down? It is no less than a fourth posting with or
regarding a trivial question the answer to which can be found in
appropriate user manual for Pharmacia Multiphor/Novablot, BioRad Transblot
or whatever unit you have. Electroblotting from DNA PAGE and agarose gels
is routinely done using diluted running buffer (0.3-0.5XTBE/TAE) at 30-40 V
(100-125 mA), time depends on the gel. The electric parameters here are
only ball park numbers and have to be determined more precisely using
manufacturer's recommendations for a given model (or a model with
comparable geometry and materials). 


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