DNA solution like glue

Weining, Song WeininS at prose.dpi.qld.gov.au
Tue Nov 24 03:03:57 EST 1998

	Sounds like real DNA. Add some more TE, say 0.5-1x more. Then the
solution may not be that sticky and you can load a few ul in gels or check
with a spectrophotometer. Don't break up your DNA unless you have to.
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> > Hi,
> >
> > I am trying to isolate DNA from leave of a few gymnosperm species using
> > I get huge amount of `cloud` after isopropanol. When the pellet was
> > dissolved in TE, it becomes glue-dense solution that can hardly be
> handled
> > with a tip. Any suggestions as how to clean up this glue? Thanks in
> advance!
> This sounds like DNA! Highly concentrated DNA of high molecular weight is
> like
> that. If you just touch the solution with the tip and then pull, it will
> follow
> the tip, like some gross mucus, except it is clear. If you need DNA that's
> not too
> fragmented, cut the edge of your tips when pipetting otherwise you'll
> break the
> DNA.

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