Frost-free freezers

Chris Fields cjfields at
Tue Nov 24 15:35:59 EST 1998

We have a non-frost-free fridge that is a pain in the ass to defrost
(once every 3-6 months, unless we want to dig our enzymes out).  I
switched to using an insulated box in a frost-free fridge and have had
no problems (I have stored EcoRV and Pfu pol, plus T4 ligase in it for
over a year now without any noticable loss of activity).  My "insulated
box," BTW, is a standard styrofoam container used to ship enzymes in
(the FREE ones)!

Gail Otulakowski wrote:
> Philip Coffino wrote:
> >
> > Our 18 year old freezer just died this week.  We are in the market for a
> > new NON-frost-free freezer (with attached 4 degree space) and have come
> > across the problem that most, if not all, suppliers carry frost-free
> > versions.  Does someone know of a brand or supplier who still makes
> > NON-frost-free freezers??
> Actually, I would love to collect some opinions about the necessity of
> a  non-frost-free freezer for enzyme storage (Defrosting is a real pain
> in the neck).  We now store all our enzymes in insulated boxes (e.g.
> Stratacoolers) in the freezer anyway, just to minimize temp fluctuations
> when the door is open, etc.  Wouldn't this be enough protection against
> the temp changes during the defrost cycle of a frost-free freezer - or
> is there another reason for not using frost-free freezers?
> Gail Otulakowski, Ph.D.
> Hospital for Sick Children
> Toronto

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