Primers PCR-Vectorette.

jingfang niu jniu at
Wed Nov 25 13:42:44 EST 1998

I am also trying to use the Vectorette II kit by Genosys.  I believe
Genosys patented the Vectorette system, therefore they don't divulge the
primer or vectorette sequence information.  If they had, I would have
been able to construct my own vectorette units and primers (vs. the
Universal Primer 224, listed anywhere).  I have already constructed my
own Vectorette library, however I have been getting strange results so I
opted to purchase a Genosys kit.

You can run a control using only primers if you are looking for primer
dimers.  Last time I ran a Vectorette reaction, I ran control reactions
using single primers and no template reactions.  Surprisingly enough, I
got a product using only one primer (my specific primer).  This may be
due to some inversion or repeated sequences.  If you have any luck using
Vectorette II, please let me know, it seems to be a tricky system.

Good Luck!

Jon Lara
Northern Michigan University
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