Using Shampoo for Blots?

Dima Klenchin klenchin at
Wed Nov 25 19:37:10 EST 1998

In article <svetlov-ya02408000R2511981546430001 at>, svetlov at (Vladimir Svetlov) wrote:
>In article <365C2285.6F105365 at>, Rupert Yip
><yip at> wrote:
> : Has anyone tried the recently published method in Biotechniques about
> : doing Southern Blots with 0.4X shampoo (White Rain)?  I'm curious to
> : know whether this technique is reproducible and reliable.
>I don't see why would anybody sober would try that, but it surely makes a
>great school science fair project... 

I have that one clipped on the lab board... Along with laundry detergent for 
minipreps and Irish Cream for southerns. 

        I am working on a magic protocol that has caviar as an essential 

        - Dima

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