Using Shampoo for Blots?

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Thu Nov 26 20:34:09 EST 1998

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>That's soooo yesterday, Dima...<G> Somebody in Protein Research Insitute in
>the 80's was already working on isolation of ribosomes from sturgeon and
>use of caviar as a source of mRNA. Much better idea than the one from the
>same place about recycling (via cooking) a rabbit after it was bleed for
>reticulocyte isolation... 

Hey, do you _really_ need to disclose trade secrets here? :-)

>Apparently phenylhydrasine they inject rabbit to
>boost the reticulocyte numbers gives the meat a rather nasty taste...
>But the best gratuitous methods paper appeared recently not in this
>clearing house of technological delinquency (aka Biotechniques) but in a
>rather respectable Analytical Biochemistry. The main idea of it was that if
>you ran out of the Qiagen resin you still can use the solutions from a
>commercial kit to isolate plasmid DNA. I'm, like, "Duh". Was is not called
>an alkaline lysis before? 

"Alkaline Lysis"? Is this a name of a kit? :-))

>Myself I'm writing a
>comprehensive review regarding the use of precast Novex, Owl and BioRad
>PAGE gels months after the expiration date - this is gonna be huge!

They are nearly unusable to begin with, so I admire your genius well in 

        - Dima

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