Using Shampoo for Blots?

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> >Myself I'm writing a
> >comprehensive review regarding the use of precast Novex, Owl and BioRad
> >PAGE gels months after the expiration date - this is gonna be huge!
> They are nearly unusable to begin with, so I admire your genius well in 
> advance!

Well, their usability depends on how you define "use". Since I've joined R.
Burgess' church of protein refolding all of my communications - in JBC and
CSHL 63th - re Pol II stoichiometry and assembly determinants feature
exclusively Novex gels. I can't be sure but this month's Terry's paper in
selfsame JBC re mapping of the major sigma binding "domain" on beta prime
also was done using Novex gels. So as far as our modest needs go they are
quite usable. 


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