New gene

Julian J. Lum ce227 at FREENET.CARLETON.CA
Sat Nov 28 09:49:24 EST 1998

Hello all, 

I'm doing some studying/research for an undergraduate course and I'm
looking for some tips/hints.

I'm using a PCR based approach to identify a new gene.  Assuming I've
been able to clone the gene of interest, what kind of functional assays
can I use to verify that I do have it?  Would expressing the protein be
considered a 'functional' assay?

I'm looking for some good papers which deal with differential display
RT-PCR and the yeast two hybrid system with respect to there technique
and protocols, does anyone have any good sources?

I've isolated an alkaloid plant substance which I think has some form of
a receptor mediate response.  I want to isolate the human gene.  How
would I do this?


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