Using Shampoo for Blots?

Gerd gerdn at
Mon Nov 30 03:08:03 EST 1998

Huh, - isn't it terrible that other people can afford all the stupid
things that's too expensive for you?

> Well, sure, I mean, of course, why not, obviously? If you are willing to spend
> a lot of money to get results that are inferior to cheaper freshly prepared
> gels, then I see no reason not to use precast gels. Frees some time for
> Usenet reading too :-))
> The simple fact that other things being equal, fresh gels with real
> stacker _always_ resolve better. We go through a lot of gels for many
> trivial and pathetic reasons, and couldn't afford precast anyway.
> Myself, I prefer to pour my own also because I like being able to vary
> %, width, number of wells, etc depending on exact application.
>         - Dima

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