Gels keep cracking

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Mon Nov 30 00:25:48 EST 1998

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S. McKay <S.Mckay at> wrote:
>the gels do not dry.  Unfortunately, I've been experiencing severe cracking
>problems with the gels which is obviously unacceptable.

Make sure the gel dryer vaccuum is good.  House vacuum and tap vaccumm
will often dry low-concentration gels but may not be not adequate for
high-concentration.  If you use a vaccuum pump, be sure it's working

You might also, or instead, try a high-tensile-strength acrylamide.  We
use Duracryl, which we started using when we had precisely the same
problem; we have only had one or two gels crack in the two-three years
since we started using Duracryl, and those were due to flagrant gel abuse
that would get you arrested in seventeen states.

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