Using Shampoo for Blots?

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Sun Nov 29 12:15:59 EST 1998

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>> >Myself I'm writing a
>> >comprehensive review regarding the use of precast Novex, Owl and BioRad
>> >PAGE gels months after the expiration date - this is gonna be huge!
>> They are nearly unusable to begin with, so I admire your genius well in 
>> advance!
>Well, their usability depends on how you define "use". Since I've joined R.
>Burgess' church of protein refolding all of my communications - in JBC and
>CSHL 63th - re Pol II stoichiometry and assembly determinants feature
>exclusively Novex gels. I can't be sure but this month's Terry's paper in
>selfsame JBC re mapping of the major sigma binding "domain" on beta prime
>also was done using Novex gels. So as far as our modest needs go they are
>quite usable. 

Well, sure, I mean, of course, why not, obviously? If you are willing to spend
a lot of money to get results that are inferior to cheaper freshly prepared
gels, then I see no reason not to use precast gels. Frees some time for 
Usenet reading too :-))

The simple fact that other things being equal, fresh gels with real 
stacker _always_ resolve better. We go through a lot of gels for many
trivial and pathetic reasons, and couldn't afford precast anyway. 
Myself, I prefer to pour my own also because I like being able to vary
%, width, number of wells, etc depending on exact application.

        - Dima

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