YEB medium recipe????

John R. McQuiston zje8 at
Mon Nov 30 13:33:21 EST 1998

It may be the YENB media, that is a salt free media for electroporation.  I use 
it with Brucella, Salmonella and E.coli and it works great.  Since Brucella and 
A. tumefaciens are very close genetically it'll probably work.  It's in a 
Biotechniques article for Salt free electrocompetent cells.
It's .75% Yeast Extract, .8% Nutrient Broth per liter I think.  

You grow them to specific density, spin to pellet, wash once with sterile cold 
water, spin again and electroporate.  If you get on Biotechniques web site you 
can find it.

John R. McQuiston

In article <Pine.SOL.3.95.981130114601.404A-100000 at uxmal>, edgar at CIFN.UNAM.MX 
>Hi Netters
>I'm trying to prepare Agrobacterium tumefaciens competent cells and in the
>method I got the bacteria should be grown in "YEB" medium, the problem is
>the reference doesn't has the recipe and I couldn't find the original
>Does anybody would share the recipe for this media?
>OTOH Does anybody has a protocol to prepare A tumefaciens competent cells
>or a electroporation protocol for them?
>Thanks a lot

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