Using Shampoo for Blots?

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Mon Nov 30 18:13:26 EST 1998

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:> Well, sure, I mean, of course, why not, obviously? If you are willing to
: spend
:> a lot of money to get results that are inferior to cheaper freshly prepared
:> gels, then I see no reason not to use precast gels. Frees some time for 
:> Usenet reading too :-))
:It seems to me that casting one's own gels does not necessarily preclude
:extensive Usenet browsing either <G>.
:> The simple fact that other things being equal, fresh gels with real 
:> stacker _always_ resolve better.
:Well, we seem to agree that pre-cast are not entirely unusable now? Good.

yyyyyeah, sure.

:Judging by those big cheeses that take the course soon you would not find a
:lab without a good supply of Novex. 

.. and with a knowledge of how to cast a gel if needed (I am not *even*
speaking about how it really works!)

:Hey, I even switched to automated sequencing now - what about you?

Of course we did. It's cheaper most of the time these days. 

:The rest is fashion
:and/or personal taste.

Duh, another point I am forced to agree with :-)

        - Dima

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