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> > It's funny, but when I used to do a lot of metabolic labelling experiments, I
> > used good old PPO/DMSO, which seems to be out of fashion these days, but I
> > never had a gel break on the dryer (even 15% gels). They seem pretty tough
> > after the PPO is precipitated into the gel; you can pretty much throw them
> > around.
> But there is a good reason why this techinique has lost favor.  The
> chemicals are rather nasty.
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Well, I hate to start another thread like the one we had on the toxicity of
acrylamide, but... is it really true? I have often heard that PPO is supposed
to be nasty, but without any supportive evidence. OTOH, consider this MSDS



	                   1. Identification of the Substance/Preparation and of the

                       Company Name:
                       Packard BioScience B.V.
                       Chemical Operations
                       P.O. Box 9403
                       9703 LP Groningen
                       The Netherlands
                       Tel: (31) 50-5413360
                       Fax: (31) 50-5422292

                       Emergency Telephone: (31) 50-5413360

                       Chemical Family: Mixture of aryloxazole and aromatic

2. Composition/Information on Ingredients

Material                                   CAS Number   Concentration

2,5-Diphenyloxazole (PPO)                  92-71-7       97-99%

p-Bis-(o-methylstyryl)-benzene (bis-MSB)   13280-61-0     1-3%

                       3. Hazards Identification

                       Symbol -

                       Special Risk for People and the Environment

                       HMIS Hazard Code Ratings

                       Health				 1
                       Flammability			 0
                       Reactivity			 1
                       Personal Protection	 B


                       11. Toxicological Information

                       2,5- Diphenyloxazole

                       Eye: Irritating
                       Skin: Non-irritating
                       Toxicokinetics: Non-accumulative
                       Mutagenicity: Non-mutagenic
                       Carcinogenicity: Non-carcinogenic
                       Teratogenicity: Non-teratogenic

(emphasis is mine)


Nick Theodorakis

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