proteolytic degradation of rcombinant protein

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> I have this protein expressed as a MBP-fusion in E. coli XL-I blue
> using NEB's pMAL vector. Unfortunately I only see a faint band in a
> commassie stained gel. However, western blottig shows me several bands
> all smaller than my fusion protein which to me seems like proteolytic
> degradation. Is there any way to avoid this, like lowering temperature
> or changing host strain.
> Any hints will be appreciated.

There is a little review on dealing with protein degradation/fragmentation
in E. coli with a number of pointers to methods papers:

Murby M, Uhlen M, Stahl S
Upstream strategies to minimize proteolytic degradation upon recombinant
in Escherichia coli.
Protein Expr Purif 1996 Mar;7(2):129-36.


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