5'-polyA tailing advice requested

Claire Fenech c.fenech at sghms.ac.uk
Fri Oct 2 09:57:06 EST 1998

Hi all

I am considering performing 5'-polyA tailing of 1st strand cDNA after RT
with gene
specific primer to clone the 5' end of my gene of interest.
I have the protocol in "Current protocols".
I would like to get some advice from people who have done this - is it
reliable or will I be
wasting my time ?
Do you have any tried and approved protocols ?
(I do not want to go through an "adaptor ligation" type procedure as in
Clontech Marathon system).
Any suggestions before next tuesday are most welcome. Thanks.

Claire - PhD student
Dpt of Pharmacology & Clinical Pharmacology
St George's Hospital Med. School

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