Sparation of cultured HUVEC using a non-enzymatic method?

Henrik B crash at
Fri Oct 2 04:15:23 EST 1998

Dear netters!

I´m not sure if this group is the right one to post this message in, but in
the end I will perform some PCR using these cells and that may qualify my
message for this group.
To the problem.

Does anyone know a method for separation of cultured HUVEC for
flowcytometry? It is importatnt that we don´t damage any adhesion proteins
on the suface. Therefore trypsin may not be an option for us.

Is the only possible solution to use EDTA with mechanical
(vortexing/ultrasound) processing?
Or is there other non-enzymatic methods to get single cells?

Best regards

Henrik Blomqvist
Clinical Research Center
Dept. of Internal Medicine
Linköping University Hospital

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