Where to sell used lab equipment?

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Sun Oct 4 13:22:38 EST 1998

Try http://www.labx.com to post your scientific equipment for sale.  We're by
far the largest facility on the web with over 22,000 monthly visitors and over
5000 registered users.


In article <361676B8.4CF7AFD3 at cmc.uab.edu>,
  Matthew Parker <mparker at cmc.uab.edu> wrote:
>     We are considering selling two instruments in order to upgrade one
> of them to a newer model. Does anyone know of any web sites on which we
> can post this information?
>    We would like to sell a Microcal MSC differential scanning
> calorimeter and a Microcal Omega isothermal titration calorimeter. Both
> are in excellent condition and only a few years old, and we might
> consider selling them separately. While they are not as sensitive as the
> newest models available, they are still excellent instruments, and would
> be ideal for someone who wants to start a calorimetry lab but has
> limited funding.
>     Thanks!
>     Matthew Parker

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