proliferation assays

Donald Forsdyke forsdyke at
Mon Oct 5 10:06:40 EST 1998

> Has anyone done proliferation assays with adherent cells?
> I need to quantify the proliferation of smooth muscle cells, and the
> methods in the journal articles are too brief to follow. They involve
> TCA precipitation of T* incorporated DNA.

  Methods I published in 1968 should work (1). Having measured the
radioactivity you then have to interpret the results. Methods I
published in 1973 (2) should assist this.

(1) Incorporation of 3H-uridine and attachment of cells to glass during
activation of lymphocytes induced by PHA. Biochem. J. 108, 297-302.

(2) Serum factors affecting the incorporation of 3H-thymidine by
lymphocytes stimulated by antigen. Immunology 25, 583-595.

  Hope this helps,

                     Donald Forsdyke. Discussion Leader.

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