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Pierre Rodrigues pirod at
Mon Oct 5 16:14:53 EST 1998


We are designing a web page called "Molecular Biology Shortcuts!". The
main idea is to gather a good selection of methods, protocols and tips
that could help every scientist find a solution to his /her technical

We ask therefore everybody who would like to contribute to this project
to send us a method developed or adapted in order to give good results
and save time! Every contribution will be quoted to its author.

You have found a shortcut, send us your method! You found that the steps
everybody is doing are not necessary, tell it to the world!

The domains are: protein techniques (purification, translation,
fusion,...), DNA (cloning...), fluorescence (GFP of course, but not
only), cell culture....

You can send pictures, drawings. Just attach them to your e-mail... Just
send everything by replying to this e-mail : pirod at

Future developments will include a chat section, an on-line net-software
trial section,  and an open section of comments to commercial products!

Pierre Rodrigues
Renata Santos

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