Dual Block 768 well Viper?

Robert Chadwick chadwick-1 at medctr.osu.edu
Tue Oct 6 11:50:05 EST 1998

We are considering upgrading our PE9700 thermal cyclers to the dual-block 768
well "Viper".  However, before we do this I was hoping for feedback from people
who have actually used it.  Our Packard robots look like they can handle the
robotic pipetting.  However, since the 384 well plates use a clear adhesive film
to seal the plates instead of strip caps I am concerned that they might leak and
the samples dry out.  We routinely do 10 and 15 microliter reactions so any
leakage would be a problem.  If you've used them could you either post or email
your impressions of how they work?


Bob Chadwick

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