DNA-isolation from 65 000 blood samples

D. KIM dkim at NMSU.Edu
Tue Oct 6 12:02:51 EST 1998

I have not personally isolated so many samples, but you would get more
meaningful responses if you give a few details:

-How much DNA do you need from each sample?

-What kind of quality/purity do you want or need?  That is, will you be
doing gels and blots from them, or just PCR?

-Do you plan to use robotics?

-Do you need to save some of the blood for an archive storage sample?

-Can you use 96-well plates or other microplate-formatted device?

Ketil Thorstensen <ketilt at dmf.unit.no> wrote:

: I am planning to isolate DNA from 65 000 blod samples. The samples are frozen. 
: About half of them are anticoagulated with EDTA whereas the other are clotted.
: The volume of blood is about 5 ml and I intend to use all of it for islation 
: of DNA.

: Has anyone performed DNA-isolation from such a large number of samples? How 
: did you do it effectively?

: Is there any efficient way to dissolve the blood clots and still be able to 
: isolate the DNA?

: I would appreciate all suggestions and ideas on how to handle this.

: Thank you very much.

: Sincerely,
: Ketil Thorstensen (Ph.D.)

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