crystal violet DNA staining

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Thu Oct 8 15:15:59 EST 1998

I think she was asking about staining agarose gels and not  bacterial
stains, BTW.  

a 1000X sol'n of CV is 10 mg/ml in H2O for this purpose.  Methanol is
not necessary.

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>: I have a question concerning using crystal violet to visualize DNA.
>: First, I need to know how to dissolve the crystal violet because we have
>: it in powder form. I don't know what solvent to use or in what
>: proportions. Any information is greatly appreciated. Replies can be
>: directly sent to "cgama at". Thank you very much.
>IIRC, methanol should be used to dissolve CV.  You can then use a 10%
>solution in water to stain cells . . .
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