silver staining self-made??

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Wed Oct 7 08:09:21 EST 1998

Francisco Villamon wrote in message <6v12fn$sn4$1 at>...
>your reagents must be ACS
>quality and the water ultrapure.

Method of Budowle et al (Am J Human Genet 48:137-144, 1991) is OK and has
been working (at least in my hands) on both sides of Atlantic            :)

The only important modification which I found crucial is obsessive rinsing
upon decanting silver nitrate.  I  pour water over the entire gel, so that
each site is subjected to the stream for several seconds.  Otherwise you get
the bands, but the background is horrendous.

It is also important not to overdevelop the gel -- the image really
"develops before eye", but then quickly the bands may merge.

This may be illogical but I use MB-grade reagents and  rather lousy water :
regular tap water, double destilled.  The whole procedure is cheap, the most
expensive reagent being silver nitrate.

The bands are deeply brown and for non-publication/presentation purposes it
is possible just to xerox the gel.

good luck

Zbigniew Rudzki, M.D.
Dept. Pathol., Jagiellonian Univ., Krakow, PL

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