Stability of Triton X100?

sam perk tana at
Fri Oct 9 20:02:21 EST 1998

I agree to that Triton solution becomes turbid as the temperature of
the solution is elevated.  But I have never seen its precipitation
even after boiling at 95oC.   Precipitation possible means its further
aggregation or polymerization.  I wonder how heat causes such a
massive self-aggregation or polymerizaiton of Triton.  I might be
wrong.    Sam

On 9 Oct 1998 15:34:25 GMT, "" <majones at>
>The reason that the Triton X-100 APPEARS to precipitate is because 
>above its critical micellar temperature  above which the the micellar
>molecular wieght increases to a point where it the solution appears turbid.
>The CMC of Triton (r) X-100 is ca. 0.2 x 10-3 mol/l (25oC)
>Therefore at about 64 oC  a solution of T-X100 will suddenly go turbid.
>I think references for this are;
> Corti M and Degiorgio V. (1975) Optics commun. 14:358-362
> Maclay W.N. (1956) J. Colloid Sci 11:272-285.
>I have not seen these references and may be wrong on this point.

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