paternity from hair

B.McVittie bjmcvitt at
Mon Oct 12 13:31:13 EST 1998

We are looking for labs capable of doing microsatellite-based paternity
testing from the hairs of approximately 50 individuals of the New World
primate, Alouatta pigra.
	At this early stage in the project we are soliciting estimates of
cost, time, and the number of 'good follicle' hairs required. Published
primers are available for a closely related species (A. palliata), but may
not be sufficient for the job at hand. Thus estimates which include the
creation of new primers, and estimates which suppose the current primers
will work will be appreciated.
	If you can assist in this matter, or know someone who can,  please
email me directly. 
Many thanks;
B. McVittie 

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