Cetus thermocyclers

Dr Randal W. Giroux rgiroux at cgc.ca
Tue Oct 13 12:56:59 EST 1998

The ability to do 96 well PCR is terrific for us. In combination with the
rubber seals, this removes the need to open and close multiple tubes and
allows us to speed up prep. While interchangable blocks are available, I'd
go for maximum numbers in the head since anything less than 96 wells can
still be done in the 96-well head.
    If price is an issue look at the MJ. You'll be glad you did.


Michael Black, Ph.D. wrote in message
<361eb9ab.4349423 at news.ld.centuryinter.net>...
>Hello everyone, another query about thermocyclers.
>I have quotes for a Perkin-Elmer 2400 and 9700, and am trying to
>justify the $4200 USD price difference.  Does anyone have experience
>with these two machines?  Aside from the interchangable block
>configuration on the 9700, is it really any better a machine than the
>2400?  Any inside info would be appreciated.

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