Cell-lines positive for alphaV-beta3 integrin (vitronectin receptor)

Patrick F.H. Lai the Graduate Student pfhlai at LOOKSMART.COM
Tue Oct 13 22:47:20 EST 1998

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On 5 Oct 1998 12:04:18 GMT, j.langner at dkfz-heidelberg.de (j.langner)

>Hi everyone,
>I am looking out for cell-lines positive for alphaV-beta3 integrin 
>(vitronectin receptor) as determined by FACS analysis.
>Who can help?
>Many thanks
>Josmar Langner

How about any endothelial cell line ?

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Or maybe vascular smooth muscle cells ?  
How about A10 rat VSMCs ?

Hope this is useful info.   :-)

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