genomic DNA isolation from whole cells without precipitation

Wood Lab woodlab at SUNGCG.USOUTHAL.EDU
Wed Oct 14 15:19:26 EST 1998

	I am looking for a protocol or resin that will allow me to 
isolate genomic DNA from whole cells without having to precipitate.  
Here's the deal, I am doing preps from a 96 well plate.  Our equipment 
won't spin these plates more than 3000xg, not quite enough for EtOH prec.

As it is, I have to transfer the 96 samples to eppnd. tubes, lyse, 
phenol/chloroform extract, then precipitate.  The prep doesn't have to be 
exceptionally clean, I'm just going to PCR.  But, the amount of DNA is 
small compared to all the junk, so I have to clean it up somehow.  

Any suggestions will be appreciated.  You can e-mail me directly at 
woodlab at


Aimee Tucker
Department of Microbiology
University of South Alabama

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