Northern blot Pb

tim tim at
Wed Oct 14 02:52:25 EST 1998

Dear all, 

I have some problems with Northern blot. The RNA extraction (Trizol) is
good, electrophoresis in MOPS buffer and the transfert in SSC10X
(without gle denaturation) on Nylon membrane N+ (Amersham) checked with
EtBr look nice. I use random priming on PCR product purified probe, but
I never get a positive signal on my blots, even I wasched the membrane
in non stringent solution (i.e at room temperature). I suppose that
there is a probleme in my hybridization buffer, so is there anybody who
have a working Northern blot technique? 
Many thanks for your help

Dr Christophe FERRAND
ETS de Franche ComtŽ
1 Bd A. Fleming
25020 Besancon cedex
Phone : 33 3 81615615
Fax : 33 3 81615617
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