RNase protection assay

Wed Oct 14 17:36:34 EST 1998

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> BTW, has anyone actually took up Dr. Eric Lader's offer to try out their
RNAlater! solution ?
> How is it ?

Patrick, Nice explaination of RPA. Part of the allure is also that you can
use up to 50ug of RNA per sample - hard to do in a northern. Also, it's more
tolerent of partially degraded RNA since your probes are relatively small.

Hey - *YOU* call and pick up a sample of RNAlater. Even the call is free.
Seriously, feedback has been quite good. Second hand funny story from someone
at the NIH who says it's saved their research on rat foot sweat glands (go
figure ;-)) but it makes their latex gloves dissolve over the course of an
hour. Well, this was a new one for me. Sothere I was  with 3 different brands
of latex gloves, inflated with air, sitting in a liter of RNAlater. Five
hours later....nothing. I wonder what kind of quality gloves the government
is buying??

Reminds me of the old commercial for dishwashing liquid... 'Palmolive is so
gentle, You're soaking in it'


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