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An RNA aptamer is an RNA molecule that has some kind of binding activity to
some target molecule.  As more is learned about RNA folding, it may become more
predictable, possibly to the point at which we will be able to design specific
RNA aptamers for a given target.  Currently the practice is to generate a huge
pool of random sequences and see which ones bind the best.  These are then
further screened, or modified and then screened, to eventually arrive at one or
a few with excellent binding affinity.

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> What is RNA aptamer?
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> chen linan
> -------------------
> Controlling Gene Expression in Living Cells Through Small Molecule-RNA
> Interactions.   Geoffrey Werstuck and Michael R. Green Science 1998 October
> 9: 296-298.
> Short RNA aptamers that specifically bind to a wide variety of ligands in
> vitro can be isolated from
> randomized pools of RNA. Here it is shown that small molecule aptamers also
> bound their ligand in vivo,
> enabling development of a method for controlling gene expression in living
> cells. Insertion of a small
> molecule aptamer into the 5' untranslated region of a messenger RNA allowed
> its translation to be
> repressible by ligand addition in vitro as well as in mammalian cells. The
> ability of small molecules to
> control expression of specific genes could facilitate studies in many areas
> of biology and medicine.

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