kozak leading sequence

Geoffrey Kidd gkidd at aptagen.com
Thu Oct 15 18:06:02 EST 1998

The Kozak sequence is where the ribosome interacts just prior to the
start codon.  consensus sequence for higher eukaryotes is:
GCCACC(ATG).  The consensus for a poor Kozak sequence in higher
eukaryotes is:  CATTGG(ATG).  The consensus sequence for yeast is:
AAAAAA(ATG), and the consensus for a poor sequence in yeast is:
CGGTGT(ATG).  (From T. Laz, J. Clements, and F. Sherman in
"Translational Regulation of Gene Expression," Joseph Elan, Ed., p. 417,
Plenum Press, 1987).  Good luck!

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chenlinan at 263.NET wrote:

> hi,
> What is kozak sequence? What will combine with it?
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> chen linan

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