Non-radioactive sequencing method ??

delete at (Hedley Carr delete at (Hedley Carr
Thu Oct 15 08:15:58 EST 1998

Hi all, 
I'm looking for a non-radioactive DNA sequencing method that fulfils
the following criteria:

-Rapid to perform
-Base reading only need be 100-150 bp per lane.

OK, I'm dreaming, but I'm going to be sequencing rather a lot of short
sequences so massive reads aren't necessary. I would also prefer
non-radioactive methods because:

a) I value my gonads
b) Radioactive materials are a pain to handle and are useless after a
month of storage.

I've checked out a Cycle-sequencing method with silver-staining but
that didn't work particuarly well last time (poor signal to noise

Any ideas? 

	Hedley Carr.

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