miser reasercher and silver staining

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"Zbigniew Rudzki" <mprudzki at cyf-kr.edu.pl> wrote:

>I am successfully using the Budowle's protocol of silver staining
>(polyacrylamide gels with microsatellites).  Discarding the precious silver
>nitrate solution to the sink I can not stop thinking about recycling it.
>After incubation at least grossly it looks like fresh (no visible
>What do you think about it ?
>appreciating any comments
>Zbigniew Rudzki, M.D.
>Dept. Pathol., Jagiellonian Univ., PL
I do not know the protocol you are using, but somewhere in this group
I have seen one silver staining protocol where the silvering solution
was claimed to be usable for one year (i.e. they were using the same
solution of silver nitrate and formaldehyde many times). Alternatively
you can recucle the silver nitrate. You need highly pure HCl, HNO3 and
zink. You filter the silvering solution, precipitate silver from the
silvering solution with HCl, leave for 24h to allow the precipitate to
form, wash the precipitate extensively, and then reduce to metallic
silver with zink and excess (!) of HCl (the reaction is exotermic !).
Then you dissolve the metallic silver with HNO3, filter out the
non-reduced AgCl and dry the now made AgNO3. The method is simple,
requires only basic chemical equipment and renders good quality AgNO3
provided all reagents are good quality (especially zink should be
Hope this helps,

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