new DNA dye

Geoffrey Kidd gkidd at
Mon Oct 19 19:15:32 EST 1998

I think it's Sybr Green by Molecular Probes, Inc., and available through
FMC.  But be careful, because I don't think it works well when added to
a gel prior to electrophoresis.  Your gel has to be stained after the
run.  They don't mention this key difference in the catalog.  Also, Sybr
Green has to be stored in the freezer, preferably desiccated, I think.
Good luck!

Geoffrey Kidd, Ph.D.
Technical Services Manager
Aptagen, Inc.

Manchao Zhang wrote:

> Hi! Guys,
> My boss just metioned to me there is a dye for DNA staning (agarose
> electrophoresis) which is more sensitive than EB, but he forgot the
> details, what is it? anybody has any idea?
> M.Zhang

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