non-roadioactive northern blotting

Geoffrey Kidd gkidd at
Mon Oct 19 17:42:50 EST 1998

About 4 years ago I used Boehringer's Genius kit, which uses a
biotin/alkaline phosphotase, if I recall correctly.  At that time, there
were a few bugs in the system, but it still worked pretty well.  They have a
good-sized manual (~ 75-100 pages at the time) that tells all the different
uses and conditions for each use.  Their technical services line also had an
extension devoted exclusively to the Genius kit.  Good luck!

Geoffrey Kidd, Ph.D.
Technical Services Manager
Aptagen, Inc.

Dave Boyd wrote:

> Last time I did northern blotting (years ago) I used a probe labelled
> with 32P. I need to do it again but want to use non-radioactive methods.
> What kits do people use? we have a number of Amersham kits, which one
> works good for northerns?
> What about membranes? I 'm hearing bad things about Hybond N+ for
> northerns.
> Dave Boyd
> david_boyd at

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