?Peptide sample preparation for mass spec?

Jongrak Kittiworakarn g3937506 at STUDENT1.MAHIDOL.AC.TH
Mon Oct 19 06:21:34 EST 1998

Dear all:

I have a peptide <6 kDa which is obtained from trypsin digestion of the
native protein.
The peptide seemed to be bind to the other trypsis resistant domain of
the native protein.
I would like to analyse this peptide by electrospray mass spec. How
should I prepared this sample for the MS.

Is it possible to do as follows:
First, separate the peptide from other peptides/proteins by
electrophoresis. Then, transfer it to nitrocellulose membrane, and cut
the band of interest. Dissolve the membrane in acetone and separate the
peptide by precipitation.

Thanks for any suggestion.


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